Tuesday, January 24, 2012

net-score - ranking the world’s broadband connections

There is a huge gap between way we describe the performance characteristics of a network connection and how most people understand network performance.  We propose that given a user's network application usage patterns we can score network connections based on the average user experience for all of those applications -- resulting in a ranked list where the top network connection maximizes the expected user experience.  In an effort to rank network connections in a way that is easily accessible to the average user we have learned a few things about network measurement and designing scalable testing platforms.  The work being discussed is in an early stage, but there is a lot of interest in this project.  The initial progress is confidence inspiring and we have a lot to be optimistic about.

If we can help consumers make informed choices about their ISP,
will it result better connectivity for all of us?

To learn more about the project please have a look at net-score.org, and for more detailed information including ways to get involved see info.net-score.org.

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